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A Case Study of Designing a Tour Booking App

Book a tour with trusted promoters and venues yourself.
Support independent music.




The original artifact of solving this problem is a zine called Book Your Own F*%^ing Life started in 1992. Each issue updated to expand a massive list of venue spaces worldwide that would welcome punk musicians. It also added lists and lists of other community resources for doing things yourself and ultimately supporting all types of independent artists and businesses.


Anyone Can Do This

I want to find the things that discourage people and swipe them off the table. Musicians should make music, play shows and get paid. There is no reason that technology can’t help people do this without the frustration of finding venues, coordinating schedules or being ripped off.


A Commitment to DIY

I thought that the app could accommodate a lot of musicians but as I made what I thought were small decisions, it became clear that I was delivering a stronger core value of providing bands with a low cost, DIY solution. Supporting underfunded musicians is not going to be the same platform that will be used by musicians who are able to pay for services or are already well-connected.


Bringing People Together

There is a heafty list of needs to meet—the band, the promoter, the venue and fans, a calender that brings them together, a feedback system and oh yeah, money. A payment system and ticketing will be great features for truely independent venues and promoters who want to opt in. The feedback system will establish continous protection for bands against untrustworthy promoters and venues ensuring that they always get paid.



I am usually hesisitant about adding more features but a tour requires so many things outside the venue that are literal show stoppers, that it makes sense to provide some supporting needs—transportation, lodging, food, etc. In true DIY fashion, these can be introduced as free/ trade services.


Role: Product Designer

Identified problems, defined flows, explored solutions, generated wireframes, composed prototypes, created a test plan and designed app.

© 2016 Copyright, Robin Medina