Role: Designer


I designed an improved ux for customers finding and purchasing tickets to Broadway shows. I looked at customer behavior and any available data and defined the user goals and tasks. I worked with stakeholders, ticketing and marketing teams to define the product’s primary goals and hierarchy. I conducted competitor analysis and wireframed an improved user experience to solve the largest pain points we prioritized. We moved from a large required field set to input dependent fields that would be contextual to the customer’s selected shipping and billing options. I documented all open questions and concerns into user and A/B test plans. I designed the UX/UI and then prototyped it in cactus/sass/git for hand off to front-end developers. I iterated on the design as feedback was collected, technical/ business requirements changed and from comments written in Notable.


I continued work on this project as product manager and lead a design effort that aligned patterns with the brand’s larger redesign project.


Project Details

Year: 2014


Credits: Chief Architect—Kevin Fricovsky, Development Team, Typeface—PT Sans, Icons—Glyphicons

Skills: defined product goals, competitor analysis, wireframes in Omnigraffle, defined A/B test plan, UI design, prototyped in Sass/cactus/git, Notable

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