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How Do You Make People Interested in Invertebrates?

A Case Study of Designing a Deep Sea Exploration App


Case Study // Problem

Most of the deepest parts of our oceans are unexplored. This is because funding is limited and prevents further expeditions and research. This is a huge problem for citizens, businesses, governments and our planet who depend on the data from deep sea exploration.

How can we...

gain the attention of more scientists, future marine biologists and the general public.


Case Study // HYPOTHESIS

I. Make deep sea species easy to understand.

It can be hard to follow mission logs and read news on educational sources when you are still learning about the diverse species of the ocean floor, how they differ from similar species at shallower depths and about how everything relates to each other.

  • Define animals vs plants vs protists
  • Group by familiar characteristics
  • Provide contextual browsing
  • Allow them to scan information quickly

II. Create a sharable narrative about marine organisms.

Uncover interesting aspects about different species by providing acurate scientificic profiles written in clear language with strong images and facts to share.

Mainstream media usually only focuses on image galleries without any further context and at the other end, scientific publications can be information overload for casual reading.

III. Keep things fresh.

Species are being newly discovered. Missions happen all year long. The explore section on the Home screen is perfect for testing new ways to group content for browsing.

A Mission’s detail screen will build and grow as data unfolds for the new, the unknown and results that come through from sample data.


Case Study // SOLUTION

Create an place to build upon existing knowledge, create sharable narratives and captivate interest that will help grow funding for exploration and research.




Case Study // CREDITS

Role: Product Designer

Designed a solution by identifing problems, defining user flows, exploring solutions through multiple iterations, generating wireframes, composing prototypes and creating a test plan.

© 2016 Copyright, Robin Medina